ERA - Electricity Regulatory Authority


Our mandate as outlined in the Electricity Act 1999, includes "to establish a tariff structure and to investigate tariff charges, whether or not a specific complaint has been made for a tariff adjustment" and "to approve rates of charges and terms and conditions of electricity services provided by transmission and distribution companies"

In executing our mandate, we regard the following underlying and guiding principles:

  1. tariffs shall be based on accurate cost information provided by operators and a transparent formulation and review process;
  2. tariffs shall reflect short term variations in costs to reflect the fact that electricity as a commodity cannot be stored;
  3. tariffs shall be structured and developed in such way as to reflect variations in costs imposed on the system by the time of use, seasonal factors, consumer load profile, voltage levels and similar factors; and
  4. tariffs shall reflect the true cost of service and provide clear price signals to the consumers on the economic and efficient use of energy

Further guidance regarding ERA's tariff regulation can be obtained in the following documents:


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