The Electricity Regulatory Authority on 8th April 2018, announced a reduction in the Electricity End-User Tariffs for all consumer categories for the 2nd Quarter (April to June) of 2018.

In the new approved Tariff Schedule, Domestic consumers will pay UGX 718.5 from UGX 718.9, Commercial Consumers - UGX 647.6 from UGX 648.3, Medium Industrial Consumers - UGX 591.5 from UGX 592.5, Large Industrial Consumers – UGX 374.4 from UGX 375.5, Extra Large Industrial Consumers - UGX 369.5 from UGX 371.1 and Street Lighting -UGX 701.5 from UGX 701.9 per unit.

The new Tariffs are applicable to all electricity consumer bills raised by Umeme Limited, based on meter readings and Yaka purchases taken in the period April to June 2018.