The Electricity Regulatory Authority developed the Energy Rebate Guideline to provide a framework for management of Energy Rebates in Uganda’s Electricity Supply Industry. Energy Rebate is the reimbursement in terms of energy consumed to an eligible person/firm who designs, finances and constructs electricity distribution infrastructure.

On 5th July 2017, the Authority approved the Guideline, intended to guide ERA Licensees and electricity consumers on the steps and process to be followed in the application for processing and reimbursement of Energy Rebates to eligible consumers.

According to the Guideline, Energy Rebate applies to line constructions and extensions by industrial Consumers, including Medium Industrial, Large Industrial and Extra-Large Industrial Consumers.

 The Guideline also states that electricity line extensions shall be in Industrial Parks or any other location authorized for industrial use outside an Industrial Park, approved by the Authority in charge of investments which is Uganda Investment Authority.

For a company or a person to qualify for Energy Rebate, they have to obtain an approval from ERA to design, finance and build a low voltage network in a designated service territory of the ERA Licensee and have to receive a letter of no-objection from the Electricity Distribution Company in charge of the area where a line extension is to be done.

The Energy Rebate is one of the incentives for manufacturers to build industries in areas that have no access to electricity. The Guideline became effective in January 2018.

ERA’s Stakeholders have always requested for such a Guideline to encourage investors set up industries in areas without access to electricity and also increase access to electricity. Download the Guideline