ERA - Electricity Regulatory Authority

Complaints Handling Procedures

In accordance with Sections 77 (6, 7) and 79 (3) of the Electricity Act, 1999, and Section 21.1 of the Electricity (Primary Grid Code) Regulations, 2003, Electricity Regulatory and Authority (ERA) handles residual complaints from electricity consumers.

If you have a complaint and you are not satisfied with the solution of your service provider, you have a right to redress. Below is information in form of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers that will educate you about our Complaints Handling Procedures.

Question: Who is the first point of contact when you are dissatisfied with the electricity services provided by your service provider?

Answer: Electricity companies are responsible for giving their customers good quality and efficient service. If you have a problem or a complaint about the service that you receive from your electricity supply company, you should inform the company so that it has the chance to put it right.

You are entitled to guaranteed standards of service, as laid down by the ERA. If the company fails to meet any of the standards set out in the Quality of Service Standards (QOS) you have a right to complain. At this point, the Company is also required to give you a copy of their Complaints Handling Guidelines if you have never received one.

Question: What happens if the complaint is not resolved to the customer’s satisfaction?

Answer: If you are not satisfied with the company’s initial response to your complaint, you must inform someone more senior within the company (who has not previously been involved with your complaint) to review the first response.

Each electricity company is required to have a procedure for dealing with complaints made by its customers. These procedures conform to the standard procedures set by the ERA.

Question: And if you are still dissatisfied with the resolution of the Senior Officer of the Company?

Answer:If you have fully exhausted the complaints handling procedure of the company and you are still dissatisfied with the resolution, you can proceed and contact ERA. If you are still unhappy even with ERA’s intervention, you can appeal to the Electricity Disputes Tribunal (EDT) for redress.

Question:How do I file a complaint with Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA)?

Answer: You can file your complaint with ERA through the following means:

 I.            By letter

It is best to put your complaint in writing as this will give ERA a clear record of why you are unhappy and what you want us to do. If it is difficult for you to write, ERA staff can write a summary of your complaint and ask you to confirm that it is accurate.

II.            By e-mail

You can also e-mail us your complaint to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

III.            Through the website

There is a complaints form on the website under Consumer Affairs. All you need to do is to fill in your details and the information shall be received by ERA instantly.

IV.            By Telephone

We can also be reached through our Consumer Affairs Hotline: +256 200 506000.

V.            Via Social media

You can further lodge your complaint through our social media pages: Facebook (Electricity Regulatory ERA), Twitter (@ERA_Uganda) or via WhatsApp (+256 776 188188).

VI.            In person

If you prefer to visit ERA in person, our office is located on Shimoni Road Plot 15, Nakasero, Kampala.

Note: All our communication channels are available from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, East African time.

Question: Which information is needed by ERA while you file your complaint?

Answer: Thefollowing information is required when lodging your complaint:

·        Name of the Complainant;

·        Account Name and Account Number;

·        Contact details, and;

·        A chronology of the issue affecting the customer

Question: How does ERA deal with your complaint?

Answer: When ERA receives your complaint, the following is done:

We acknowledge receipt of your complaint and may request you to submit more information if necessary. ERA will investigate your complaint so that we have all the facts from you and the electricity company. We will give both sides the chance to comment on the information provided and keep you informed up-to the point of resolution.

ERA may also arrange for a hearing if necessary after which a decision is reached and communicated.

Question: What if you are dissatisfied with the decision of ERA?

Answer:If dissatisfied with the decision of ERA, the complainant may proceed and file an appeal at the Electricity Disputes Tribunal (EDT) or the Courts of Law. The EDT is a specialized electricity disputes court with all power of the High Court.

Question: Which issues can electricity consumers complain about?

Answer:Electricity consumers can complain about billing, metering problems, disconnection of supply, delayed reconnection, blackouts, wayleaves, illegal use of supply and unfair treatment by the electricity company’s staff.

Question: Do electricity consumers have rights?

Answer:Yes, electricity consumers have rights as well as obligations. You can still get a copy of the booklet “know your rights as an electricity consumer” from the website under publications or a hard copy at our Offices.

Question: Who do I contact at ERA?

Answer:All written complaints are addressed to the Chief Executive Officer; while complaints submitted through our other channels are received by the Consumer Affairs Staff.

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