ERA - Electricity Regulatory Authority

About Consumer Affairs

Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) is the Regulator of the Electricity Supply Industry. ERA is a quasi-government body that regulates the generation, transmission, distribution, sale, import and export of electrical energy in Uganda.

ERA derives her mandate from the Electricity Act of 1999, cap 145. In accordance with section 79 (3) of the Act, ERA is required to handle electricity-related complaints through its Consumer and Public Affairs Unit (CPAU).

The CPAU ensures that licensees comply with the conditions of their licenses and protect the interests of the consumers in respect of the prices, charges and other terms of supply of electricity and the quality, efficiency, continuity and reliability of the supply services.


  1. Through the Call Center, the CPAU provides consumers with a redress system. CPAU has a Complaint handling management system that offers a time-saving, less expensive solution of resolving complaints without going to court. Through this system, the parties involved in a dispute can work out their own solution with the help of a Consumer Affairs Officer.
  2. CPAU advocates for consumer interests and protection.
  3. CPAU educates consumers by giving them the information they need to avoid poor quality, inefficiency and unreliability supply of electricity.
  4. CPAU informs the public through consumer oriented publications available online, by mail and booklets.

For more information or in event you are dissatisfied with services offered by your service provider; Call 0200 506 000

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