ERA - Electricity Regulatory Authority

Application for a License for the Establishment of a 6.5 MW Hydro Power Plant at the Border of Bulambuli and Kapchorwa Districts.


The Electricity Regulatory Authority (‘the Authority’) has under Section 33 of the Electricity Act, 1999, Chapter 145 of the Laws of Uganda (‘the Act’) and Regulation 7 of the Electricity (Application for Permit, Licence and Tariff Review ) Regulations, 2007 (‘the Regulations’) received an Application for a Generation and Sale License fromSenok Kabeywa One (Pvt) Limited .

The License will enableSenok Kabeywa One (Pvt) Limitedconstruct, generate and sell 6.5 MW of electricity from a Hydro Power Plant proposed to be established across River Muyembe in Masira Sub-County, Bulambuli District and Gamogo and Cheptelek Sub-Counties in Kapchorwa District. The specific locations of the different scheme structures are as follows;

  Latitude Longitude
Intake 143,138N 655,744E
Power House 144,313N  650,196E

The generated power will be sold to Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited and fed into the National Grid.

Interested persons are invited to inspect the Application from the addresses below:-

  1. Electricity Regulatory Authority
    ERA House Plot 15, Shimoni Road, Nakasero - Kampala
  2. The Office of the RDC, Bulambuli District
  3. The Office of the LCV Chairperson, Bulambuli District
  4. The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer, Bulambuli District
  5. The Office of the Resident District Commissioner, Kapchorwa District
  6. The Office of the LCV Chairperson, Kapchorwa District
  7. The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer, Kapchorwa District

Pursuant to Section 35 of the Act and Regulation 8 (2) (d) of the Regulations, the Authority invites directly affected parties and public agencies/authorities in the areas affected by the project to submit in writing (by post, hand delivery, email, fax or other recorded delivery) any objection and comments in respect to the project not later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of publication of this Notice to the Secretary to the Authority on the above address. 

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