ERA - Electricity Regulatory Authority

ERA Holds a Public Hearing in Hoima District

Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) conducted a Public Hearing on 10th July 2014, in respect of the application for a license by Albatros Energy (U) Ltd, to generate and sell 50 MW of electricity from a thermal power plant at Mitala Cell, Busisi Division, Kibingo Ward, Hoima Municipality, Hoima District.

The Public Hearing which was held at Bulemwa Primary School in Busiisi Sub –County, Hoima District was presided over by the Director, Technical Regulation (ERA), Ziria Tibalwa Waako.

The hearing was attended by the Ag. Commissioner in charge of Energy Resources at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD), Mr. James Banaabe, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner of Hoima District, the Mayor of Hoima Municipality, the Deputy District Internal Security Officer of Hoima District, Local Council (LC V and LCIII) leaders, the District Environmental Officer, the local community of Busiisi and Bujumbura Sub-Counties and Staff of the Electricity Regulatory Authority.

The issues that arose at the hearing included; the impact of the developer’s activities on the water table, environmental pollution, employment of local residents, corporate social responsibility of the developer, and the accessibility of the generated electricity.

The Public and the District Local Government Officials of Hoima District expressed their support and no objection to the granting of the license for generation and sell of electricity to Albatros Energy (U) Ltd.

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Last Updated on Friday, 18 July 2014 11:30