ERA - Electricity Regulatory Authority

ERA Holds Public Hearing in Respect of PACS.p.A’s application for a license to Generate and Sell 88 MW of Electricity from River Achwa

The Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) conducted a public hearing on 1st July 2014, in respect of the application for a license by ARPE t/a PACS.p.A, to generate and sell 88 MW of electricity from River Achwa.

The Public Hearing which was presided over by the ERA Chairman, Mr. Richard S. Apire, was held at Angagura Primary School, Angagura Sub-County, Aruu County in Pader District.

The hearing was attended by representatives from the office of the Resident District Commissioners of Pader and Gulu Districts, Cultural leaders from the Payiira Clan, Local Council (LC III and LCV) leaders, Chief Administrative Officers of Gulu and Pader Districts, the Pader District Land Board Chairman, District Service Commission and the local community of Angagura Sub-County and Staff of the Electricity Regulatory Authority.

The issues that arose at the hearing included; cultural protection and significance of the falls, water and environmental pollution, employment of local residents, corporate social responsibility of the developer, displacement of residents and compensation of the Project Affected Persons.

The Public, the District Local Governments of Pader and Gulu districts as well as the cultural leaders expressed their support and no objection to the issuance of the license for generation and sale of electricity to PACS.p.A.

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